Catch up TV: Culture Show Special on Jeremy Deller

If you didn’t catch this, a Culture Show Special on artist Jeremy Deller, whose show at the Hayward Gallery opened last week (we’ll go and see it ASAP), it’s definitely worth a watch. Deller must be one of the most collaborative artists working today and he makes the whole process seem joyful and fun. No Sturm und Drang for this guy, or at least not that he’s showing. Make no mistake, though: the work itself, while often playful, is not lightweight at all. One of the pieces in the Hayward show is a nature film about bats emerging from a cave in Texas (Deller works in all kinds of mediums and doesn’t care if some of them, a nature film for example, aren’t commonly regarded as ‘art’). Deller premiers the film in a classroom of young school children and the documentary shows them watching it, enraptured. Then the funniest, most charming thing happens. Heart lifting.

Jeremy Deller: Middle Class Hero - A Culture Show Special
Available to watch till Fri 2 March 2012 at 7.59pm
BBC iPlayer
— Daisy
27th February 2012