Can I really wear candy-pink lipstick?

Here’s a confession: I wear minimal makeup (my only obsession is foundation but even that ‘disappears’ in a couple of hours so I’m left looking barefaced and shiny.  I’ve tried primers, I’ve tried bases, but still no go.)  Despite having been madeup by professional makeup artists for numerous magazine shoots, I still can’t seem to tackle a dramatic eye look and whilst I occasionally wear a slick of bright red on the lips, I’ve since lost my favourite Chanel lipstick which I haven’t been unable to replace.  So I’m not the most obvious candidate for this season’s bright candy-pink lipstick, as worn by Blake Lively below.  Matte, almost neon in colour with a definite eighties touch, it somehow strikes me as fresh and bold and something I’d like to try.  But can playful makeup trends really be worn by those past their 20’s?

I start by making a list of my top lipsticks and head to Harrods to try them out, only to be told that they don’t stock most of them.  Head over the road to Space NK, I’m told in a whisper, they have what you need.  So over I go and hey presto, they have the magic NARS semi matte Schiap pink as worn by Lively which, whilst I like the pop colour, looks rather flat and feels dry on my lips.  Definitely for teens or twentysomethings. Next I try a Rouge Terrybly from BYTERRY in Torrid Rose 303 which gives the same colour but with more of a soft texture and a little shine.  I like it but it will definitely take time to get used to it (looking at myself in the mirror with such colourful lips gives me something of a shock!)  So I try something a little sheerer, a SHU UEMURA supreme shine in Wine 256 which is ultra glossy and definitely more wearable, as is a DIOR Lip Glow which is really a lip gloss that gives a high shine in the same pink colour.

My verdict?  I decide to buy the Rouge Terrybly and DIOR lip shine and know that whilst I’ll be wearing the DIOR right now, when I have more of a tan and summer is truly here, I’ll have the Rouge Terrybly right up my sleeve.

— Francesca
1st March 2012