Beauty: why everybody needs a little pastel makeup

Does the fashion world’s current penchant for pastel mean we should be wearing it on our faces as well? Memories of 1980’s frosted pink lipstick make us want to say no, so rather than plunge head first into a whole palette of pastels, dip your toe in with just a single shade (and one that isn’t too costly either). Bourjois’ latest Little Round Pot Eyeshadow is called Rose Macaron (you’ll identify it as No.15) and while it’s not strictly the palest of pastels it serves as a subtle nod to all things fun and fresh. Perversely, pink eyeshadow can actually mask tiredness – though you’d think the opposite – and you can use it alongside existing shades that you feel comfortable with, to give your look a little spring kick. Unlike anti-ageing creams and mascaras, eyeshadow is much of a muchness (with a few exceptions, such as the brilliant Dior 5 Couleurs palettes). And Bourjois ‘baked’ eyeshadow is [almost] the same as Chanel’s.

Pastel Make-Up: Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow, in Rose Macaron (No.15), from the Sweet Paris collection.
Available at Boots & Superdrug
— Francesca
10th May 2012