Bars & restaurants: Ping and Evans & Peel in Earl’s Court

Gone are the Australian bars that used to cluster around Earl’s Court tube station, for much to our surprise when we visited the area this week, it’s all change, change, change. We started off with a visit to Ping, a bar/pizza restaurant in the basement near Cromwell Road which has 3 tables to play ping-pong. There are guest DJ’s, all-you-can-eat pizza nights and weekly ping-pong tournaments. It’s sweaty, noisy, young and great, great fun. We booked a table to play on (for free) and despite the flying balls from the other tables, we had ,ahem, a ball! To follow we made our way to the Evans & Peel Detective Agency, a prohibition-style bar, which is a short walk up Earl’s Court Road and just around the corner from a nail bar (you enter through an anonymous white door). You’ll need to make an ‘appointment’ to get a table or a drink and make a note, that they’re closed on Sundays and Mondays. To get you into the detective mood, you’ll be quizzed on your entrance as to your ‘case’ to solve, but once you make your way downstairs, you’ll find a bar and two other rooms that look like the set of an old game of Cluedo. Dark, atmospheric and buzzy, they serve a deep-south American menu with sliders and corn but it’s the drinks that take up most of the menu with a range of heady cocktails from £9.50. Again, it’s young and fun and we think the combination of both makes for a great and very different night out.

Ping and Evans & Peel Dectective Agency
Ping, 180-184 Earl's Court Road, SW5 9QG
Where else:
Evans & Peel Detective Agency, 310c Earls Court Road, SW5 9BA
Evans & Peel Detective Agency: 020 7373 3573
— Francesca
6th September 2012