Pedlars’ Guide to the Great Outdoors

Great book; great present for self or other. The authors, Charlie and Caroline Gladstone, who run Pedlars, a mail order company and shop that sells all kinds of things for your home, are well qualified about all things outside having brought up their six children in the Scottish countryside. Not that you need to have kids to enjoy this book. It’s a great guide and how-to for anything from an outside walk (among others things, it will help you identify common British trees, crops, birds and clouds), to more committed pursuits such as camping, foraging, and keeping livestock. It’s exceptionally good on stuff to do, especially with kids – lighting a fire, building a scarecrow, outdoor games (get it in time for Bonfire Night), and stuff to cook:  the campfire recipes look so delicious we’re planning to cook them indoors. But turn to any page and you’ll find nuggets of wonderful information: where to buy the best whistle in the world, fab music for outdoors (as chosen by Rough Trade Records owner Nigel House), how to tie a clove hitch knot and so on – all of which makes for great arm chair reading. But actually, because it is written by two knowledgable enthusiasts, rather than professional beekeepers, say, or mountaineers, everything seems accessible, doable and and fun.

Pedlar's Guide to The Great Outdoors
£12 on Amazon
— Daisy
11th October 2012

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