Beauty: Darphin cleansing balm, the best cleanser for oily skin

It’s best to take beauty awards with a pinch of salt as what suits one person’s skin won’t always suit yours. Our case in point being Eve Lom Cleanser. Much as we want to love it – and we love many other Eve Lom products, including the new Moisture Mask – this one just doesn’t hit the right note. But remember, there are other cleansing balms out there so don’t rule them out altogether. One of our favourites is Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood. This silky formula suits oily skins much better and, in our opinion, the scent is superior. Simply warm a dollop in your hands and rub all over the face (there’s no need to faff about with cloths and complicated massage techniques). When you add water it turns into a milky emulsion and takes the whole day away. If perusing the Darphin counter – John Lewis has a good selection – also try the Denblan toothpaste; rumour has it that members of the Estée Lauder family loved this toothpaste so much that it prompted them to buy the company…

Darphin Cleansing Balm
— Francesca
7th November 2012