Ros Badger’s Christmas & Festive Decorations book

We are big fans of the designer, stylist and author Ros Badger, so are thrilled that she has just produced two new books in a series called Homemade. One, Sew, Knit and Crochet, is, as the title implies, full of lovely knitting, sewing and crocheting projects. We wish we could do any of those things but we can’t. But her other book, Homemade: Christmas & Festive Decorations, is just what the doctor ordered for folk like us, who want to make lots of lovely things, but aren’t very good at making. The book is full of great ideas – none of them twee or grannyish – and explains how to do all of them really clearly and well, listing just what you need and where to get any necessary supplies (much of the stuff, you’ll have already). We’ll definitely be sitting down with our kids to make Christmas card garlands, a Christmas wreath (have you seen how much shop bought ones cost?), cranberry decorations (so simple, so, so pretty) and are going to start a tradition of hand painting a Christmas plate every year. As well as specific projects, like these, the book gives you fabulous tips on how to make your house look generally more lovely. Bring on the Christmas tree! With chapters on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Birthdays too, the good news is that this book is not, in fact, just for Christmas.

Homemade Christmas & Festive Decorations by Ros Badger, with Elspeth Thompson
— Daisy
6th December 2012