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Eastbound & Down isn’t a new show – Series One first aired in the US on HBO in 2009 – but because it has never been screened on TV in the UK, it’s had a relatively underground following here. We’d never heard of it until Christmas, but since then, as is the way, references to it and how funny it is, keep showing up. An American friend gave us the DVD for Christmas, and almost immediately we read that Juergen Teller has named his forthcoming show at the ICA ‘Woo’, after a catch phrase used by one of the characters (played by Will Ferrell, whose production company also makes the show). Now, of course, Series One finished and Series Two and Three on order, we’re addicted. The show is about a washed up baseball player called Kenny Powers, who was once a star but after self destructing, via steroids, cocaine, hookers and egomania, finds himself teaching P.E. back at his old high school. But don’t expect many moral life lessons. Glee it is not. Instead, it is rude, incredibly sharply written, fabulously cast and acted, and very, very funny. Danny McBride, who co-writes the show, is perfect as Powers. He’s over the top,  appalling and charismatic, absurd and utterly believable all at once. A half hour episode watched each night has seriously improved our January. We highly recommend.

Eastbound & Down - HBO comedy series
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— Daisy
17th January 2013