Canton Tea Hamper full of goodies

We love tea, and after we gave up coffee a little while back (a nightmare followed by relief), we went on something of a tea ‘journey.’ What a revelation the world of tea turned out to be. Turns out, if you haven’t had a cup of Jasmine Pearl tea, you haven’t lived. What a delicacy. A mood, nay, whole day changer, even. And full of beneficial antioxidants, so good for you too. One of our favourite places to discover new flavours and buy tea is the Canton Tea Company. Canton specialises in whole leaf Chinese tea, buying it in season and directly from traditional small-scale farmers, who don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilisers. This means their tea is incredibly pure and fresh – which is why it tastes so good. It’s also really well packaged, with precise instructions on how much of each particular tea you need for a cup or pot and how long to brew it for. They run a good website too, with a tea club and information about tea tastings they hold at places like Petersham Nurseries. Not surprisingly, they’ve won all manner of awards.

And on tea, do watch this – the casual genius of a tea house server at work. Thirsty yet?

Prize draw for two Canton tea hampers
Prize draw ends 5pm on Monday 11 Feb 2013
Free if you win our prize draw. Canton tea starts from about £2
0845 519 5575
— Daisy
24th January 2013