Shopping: great handprinted T-shirts by Gnome Enterprises (especially good for guys)

We’re always on the look out for great T-shirts, both in fit and design. Really good ones for men, unless completely plain, seem to be particularly elusive. Thornback and Peel do good ones and Rogues Gallery used to be worth a look (though lately they seem to have gone off the boil), but neither are cheap. But then a New Yorker friend with impeccable taste bought us several tees back from Brooklyn – a male, female and kid’s version – and they’ve been such a hit that we’ve since ordered more. The designs are witty and idiosyncratic without being too statement-ey or self-consciously cool, and the T-shirts themselves are by American Apparel, who have spent years perfecting the perfect weight and cut. Plus, they aren’t too pricey, especially given that they are hand printed (the printing itself is fantastic), and even though you are ordering them from Brooklyn, the shipping costs don’t add up to too much more than you’d pay a UK company. The only fly in the ointment is that they take a while to arrive (those cheap shipping costs), so you can’t rely on one for a last minute present. Otherwise, it’s all good.

Handprinted T-shirts by Gnome Enterprises
Adult T-shirts: $28 or about £18. Kids T-shirts: $24 or about £15
— Daisy
21st February 2013