Vestiaire Collective, a fantastic luxury fashion website

How did we let twelve months go by without knowing about and shopping at Vestiaire Collective? Launched in London a year ago, Vestiaire Collective is a resale community dedicated to luxury fashion. It’s like a cross between a posh Ebay and a honed down Net-a-Porter, with a dash of Instagram thrown in. It’s brilliant. Pure fashion and shopping heaven.

To explain a bit: like Ebay, it’s a site where you can sell clothes and accessories and buy similar things from other people. But unlike Ebay, Vestiaire specializes only in luxury, upmarket goods. There’s no junk. And absolutely no fakes. Everything on the site is checked by a specialist in-house team who guarantee that anything you buy is in the right condition and, crucially, the genuine article, whether it be a Birkin bag or a pair of Isabel Marant high tops. The other difference is that it’s not an auction site. In fact, if anything, you can watch prices go down rather than up. Discounts, on average, are 65% of an item’s original price, and if an item doesn’t sell in seven days, buyers can make their own offer, which the seller can then either accept or reject. The stock is amazing. Vestiaire gets over 500 ‘new’ products a day, so there is loads of choice, which ranges from the classic (though be warned: the Celine Boston handbags, Hermes Birkins and Alexander Wang Rocco totes get snapped up in minutes), to the ultra hip. On our lust list right now is an Isabel Marant slouchy sweater, a perfect pair of Balenciaga ankle boots, a vintage Chanel shoulder bag, and an APC Parker. We’re also prone to getting very clicky with our mouse when we go to the section called Mini Series, which is the bit of Vestiaire that sells brand new things:  really well chosen ‘basics’ that never go out of fashion – the perfect embroidered peasant shirt, great leather sandals, a classic bikini. Whoever edits this section has got a brilliant eye, as all the pieces scream must-have, and none are overly expensive.

The whole aesthetic of the site feels modern and cohesive, as if it’s the dream floor of a department store with a team of superb buyers, and because you can create your own profile – adding images of items or looks you like, or pieces you are selling – or peruse other people’s, browsing the site, even if you don’t actually shop, it’s fun and makes you feel like you’re a member of a closely knit fashion community.


Vestiaire Collective, a great fashion resale and shopping website
0845 557 7305
— Daisy
23rd May 2013