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Revelation time. We’ve always known the importance of a good bed and how, for reasons obvious, you should buy the best you can afford. We’ve always bought good pillows too, and a couple of years ago splashed out on a duvet filled with Siberian Goose Down. That was a worthy investment. But our sheets and duvet cover, while perfectly good and made of high quality cotton, weren’t great – though we didn’t even realise this until last week, when a new duvet cover we’d ordered from one of our favourite websites, Cachette, arrived fresh from France. Rev-e-lation! Listen: it was a really expensive duvet cover – kingsize and made of heavy linen – so we were expecting it to be good, but even so we were surprised at how much difference it’s made to the way we sleep. It’s been so worth the money. It’s the right weight, the right temperature (it’s never cold the way cotton can be), and feels unbelievably luxurious and comfortable. It’s also available in ten lovely colours, all made using artisanal, eco-friendly tints – though we find white the most restful. The added bonus of linen, too, is that it looks best when slightly rumpled, so it doesn’t need ironing. We’re saving up for sheets. See Cachette’s linen, here. Prices start at €155 for a single duvet cover or €165 for a sheet.

Other Lovely Things for Beds

As well as our brill buy from Cachette, we’ve sought out some other lovely things for beds, including more sheets, quilts and cushions.

We’d like a whole pile of these silk Ikat cushions on our bed, please. Available in different colours and designs, £100 each, from Ben Pentreath.

We’ve got a thing for blue and white stripes, and it works particularly well on bedding. The Treviso Alabaster range from Designer’s Guild is our favourite. It’s linen too, so again, feels wonderful to sleep under, and looks best slightly creased, so doesn’t need ironing. Prices start at £85 for a single sheet.

Lovely Kantha Quilt, made by Fair and Square, £85, available at Monsoon. It’s a Fair Trade piece too, which means Monsoon will donate 10% of its price to worthy causes.

These Brinkhaus pillows, filled with duck down and duck feathers, are fantastically comfortable and well worth the investment. £79 from House of Fraser.

We love this sleeping bag, £128, from Anthropologie.




For something bold and graphic, this Kissing Rabbit duvet cover and pillow cases by Anorak at the Linen House, are great, and start at only £45 a set.

If you want plain, crisp white cotton sheets, then the Tribeca range from Designer’s Guild is ideal. It’s made with Egyptian cotton, has a 300 thread count, and is reasonably priced, from £45 for a single sheet.

Divine traditional Canadian Macausland’s Blanket, all wool, £175, from Toast.

Pretty kids’ quilt – the sort you long to find in a French market, £140, from Designer’s Guild.

— Daisy
12th June 2013

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