Fabulous Fashionistas

If you missed Sue Bourne’s wonderful documentary, which was on Channel Four on Tuesday night, do watch it on 4oD before it disappears. It’s about the art of ageing and features six women in their 70s and 80s, who all work hard, look wonderful, dress with spectacular élan, and eschew any kind of plastic surgery. One of them, Gillian Lynne, a former ballet dancer, still works full time as a choreographer (she did Cats and Phantom), and starts every day with 40 minutes of vigorous stretches. She is 87. She looks 30 years younger, but looking young is not something these women are particularly concerned with. What they are concerned with is living full, active, completely committed lives. They also, all of them, are committed to looking good. Not young, just good. And they do. This is a gentle, optimistic film about a powerful subject matter – old age – that is usually either ignored or treated with disdain and terrible pessimism. For that reason alone, it makes crucial viewing. It’s also funny and inspiring and totally charming.

Fabulous Fashionistas: Sue Bourne's documentary about 6 women with an average age of 80.
Available to watch till 8 Oct 2013
— Daisy
19th September 2013