The New Marshmallows

Cloud Nine

Marshmallow – it hardly sounds like a gourmet treat does it? But the toothsome snack, toasted around campfires by brownies and girl guides for decades, is undergoing a major reinvention and the new incarnations are a world away from those pink and white puffs you will remember from your childhood. Cloud Nine is a Cornwall-based firm set up by Murphy Williams who decided to apply grown-up flavours to her home-made creations. The result is an extremely light marshmallow with punchy flavours including zingy lemon meringue or double raspberry (this one looks great in its deep pink coating), pistachio and white chocolate or, our favourite, salted caramel peanut. They are, quite simply, delicious and annoyingly moreish too.  It’s not surprising that Williams is finding it hard to keep up with demand. Proving that great minds think alike, Copper & Cane is another newly launched company from Hazel Wright whose cubes have gorgeous swirly toppings and come in flavours including cinnamon spiced pumpkin or rosewater and cardamom. And then there’s Baru whose marshmallow cubes are topped with salted caramel and then enrobed in dark chocolate. Not only do these treats make a novel and fun post-dinner alternative to a bar of Green & Black’s, they go surprisingly well with alcohol too. We first discovered Cloud Nine via a guest at Hamish Bowles' birthday party – the US Vogue writer had been given the Crème de Violette marshmallows at his lilac themed party: “He unwrapped so many extravagant pressies, but the marshmallows were actually the hit,” says our marshmallow mole. “It was late and lots had been drunk. Scoffing delicious marshmallows was just what the doctor ordered. They tasted, as Hamish himself put it, ambrosial.”

— Clare
2nd October 2013