Winter Facial Oil by De Mamiel

Once in a while we try a beauty product that becomes an instant obsession and the latest is Annee de Mamiel’s recently launched Winter Face Oil. De Mamiel is a facial acupuncturist and her small range of products echo her philosophy that each season and phase of life requires different treatments. The Winter Oil combines rosehip, neroli and myrhh with hydrating and softening argan and evening primrose oils as well as other less common ingredients that we have never even heard of (Lunar Standstill, Golden Light, Ring of Brogdar). Not only does this oil smell amazing (which is why it’s worth taking de Mamiel’s advice and warming and inhaling the oil with some deep breathes before applying it) it also sinks straight in to winter ravaged skin, giving an instant luminosity and softness. It reminds us a little of Linda Rodin’s Olio Lusso and has many of the same key ingredients but feels slightly lighter to apply. The range also includes a muddy, moussey cleansing exfoliator that also left our skin supremely soft although these products aren’t cheap and if you are going to splurge then invest in the oil. For the rosy glow alone, it’s worth it.

Winter Facial Oil by de Mamiel
£65 for 20ml
— Clare
31st December 2013