Antoinette Poisson Wallpaper

One of our favourite things about visiting Paris – or any other city come to think of it – is discovering a chic little store where we can splurge on something exquisite that we would never dream of buying at home. And so it is with Antoinette Poisson – an atelier (named after the 18th century courtesan Madame de Pompadour) where hand-printed wall-paper is sold by the sheet or to order. Since being tipped off about this Place de la Bastille store we have become totally obsessed with the chic graphic designs, intricate floral repeats and rich colours. The three founders who worked in restoration decided to revive the art of hand-made papers made during the 18th Century and while there are plenty of very traditional designs there are also lots of abstract graphics that look extremely modern too. The shop also has hand-blocked linens.

Antoinette Poisson
12 Place de la Bastille, Paris 75011
+33 1 77 17 13 11
— Clare
19th March 2014