Petersham Nurseries 10th Anniversary

We have been pretty much obsessed with Petersham Nurseries ever since it opened ten years ago. It’s almost certainly our favourite place in London, and arguably one of the most magical, inspiring and transportative places in the world – an idyllic escape on the edge of the city. So we were more than a little excited to hear about the long weekend of events that Petersham has lined up to celebrate its first decade; on 7th and 8th June, Lara Boglione will be opening up the sublime gardens of Petersham House for a very special picnic featuring a cast of characters from the Petersham Playhouse and, if you are going en famille, children can make seedbombs in a workshop at the Nurseries on Saturday morning. There will be gardening themed events too including a wonderful sounding rose talk on 6th June with Martin Ogden and a talk on wild summer planting with Ronny de Koning on 7th June. Most indulgent of all though are the evening events; with the start of the Nurseries’ famed supper club season (dates for the whole summer are now available on the website and it’s worth booking very early for these) as well as a spectacular 10th Anniversary Summer Party which will include dinner at Petersham Nurseries Café as well as music, theatre and dancing. In an ideal world we would be pitching a tent and going to every single one of these events; booking – even for the free workshops – is essential.



Petersham Nurseries 10th Anniversary
5-8 June 2014
Church Lane, Off Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 7AG
020 8940 5230
— Clare
27th May 2014