Rivieras – the perfect holiday shoe

Some of our favourite summer shoes have come from trips abroad, discovered on holidays and then, more often than not, worn for years on end after. Strappy, leather soled sandals bought en masse in Capri (which incidentally, are still going strong many years later), colourful Bensimon plimsolls which seemed to be stocked in every hip European resort but which are devilishly hard to find in shops here. The latest tip-off we’ve had though – from a chic Parisian friend – is for Rivieras – a soft French loafer that’s based on a Spanish design from the 1950s. We love the slightly geeky, retro look of them and the total ease and comfort (with leather linings, cotton piping and a weather-proof rubber sole) but the best thing is the amazing range of colours and materials which include canvas, denim, suede, perforated suede, raffia, gabardine. They are perfect for the beach but, we think, they would work equally well in town. Preferably with an end of summer tan.

From 55 euros
— Clare
5th August 2014