Blue 2: learn cyanotype photogram printing

We took this workshop earlier this week and loved it. It’s a most gentle way to spend a couple of hours, and before you know it, you’ve learnt a whole new printing process and way of making your own pictures – and it really doesn’t matter how artistic you may or may not be. Cyanotype photogram printing is a process from the 1870s that creates a beautiful blue (cyan blue) image without using a camera. Instead, you mix together chemicals which you then paint onto porous paper before exposing the paper to sunlight with whatever it is you want to ‘print’ on top. Watching the chemicals work their magic in front of your eyes is immensely pleasing, and once you’ve learnt the technique you just want to start honing and practising it immediately. The workshop is led by photographer Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin, and she gives you a brief history of the process before you start, as well as a great appetite to then get going. What’s doubly great about this kind of photogram printing is that you don’t need any special equipment to do it, so its easy to do at home. It’s a fabulous thing to do with kids too. The workshop on September 10th takes place at Clifton Nurseries, one of our favourite spots in London, and a great source of inspiration in terms of subject matter. Plus, if you want to buy plants as well as print them, Clifton is offering a 10% discount to workshop ticket holders on anything bought from the Nursery (but not the café) on 10th September, the day of the workshop. 

Do note: spaces are limited, but if the workshop is sold out, do email and express your interest. She may well be able to work out a way to accommodate you.

Some of Elisabeth’s lovely cyantopye photograms.


Our first efforts getting sunlight, and then drying off.


Clifton Nurseries, 5A Clifton Villas,, W9 2PH
£50, which includes all materials & refreshments.
020 7289 6851
— Daisy
3rd September 2014