Gilded Pleasures: A collection by Tennant & Tennant

An assortment of gilded panels by Tennant & Tennant

Before Stella Tennant became one of the UK’s most successful and distinctive models, she trained as a sculptor. Her sister Isabel meanwhile, who also went to art school, has been a decorative artist and gilder for 30 years. Both sisters live in Scotland, where they were brought up, and where they now share a studio and make work together, under the name Tennant & Tennant. The work is a collection of lamps, mirrors, tables, panels and objects made using water gilding and oil gilding – the traditional techniques, unchanged for hundreds of years, used by Renaissance artists and craftsmen. The sisters’ inspiration comes from the natural world, as well as Japanese geometric patterns, and so their gesso lamps and panels are gilded with beetles and woodlice, flowers and fern leaves; the gold leaf burnished with polished agate to give a high shine, or else rubbed down so you can see the coloured clay or watercolour underneath. Each piece is handmade, singular and very beautiful, and the collection will be on show for the first time this weekend (be warned: it comes down this Monday) at Ben Pentreath’s studio – a set of 18th Century rooms – in Lambs Conduit Street. This is a jewel of an exhibition and if you’re anything like us, you’ll hanker after every single thing on display. Luckily it’s a selling exhibition, so do bring your cheque book and prepare to be majorly tempted.



Gilded Pleasures - A Collection by Tennant & Tennant
12 - 15 September 2014, 11am - 6pm
49 Lambs Conduit Street, WC1 3NG
— Daisy
10th September 2014