Us at Work 2014

This is the third year that four of London’s most singular jewellery makers have shown their work together, and it’s an event that’s not to be missed. Lucie Gledhill, Daphne Krinos, Romilly Saumarez-Smith and Anna Wales are artists and artisans who use precious metals, often heavily oxidised, sometimes recycled to make beautiful pieces of jewellery, the like of which you won’t find anywhere else. The exhibition is in a beautiful 18th-century house in Stepney, and  you can buy pieces there and then, which will be sent to you by mail as soon as the exhibition is over, i.e. on the 15th December –  so you’ll get them in good time for Christmas. If you would like to go to Us at Work, and we highly recommend that you do (we’re going there to get our own Christmas present), then you’ll need an invitation, because it takes place in a private house. You can apply for an invite by emailing

6 & 7 December 2014, 11am - 4pm. And by appointment the following week.
A private house in Stepney, E1. All details are provided on an invitation, which you can get by emailing:
— Daisy
2nd December 2014