Hawksmoor’s Tributes: Our new favourite Chocolates

Hawksmoor, the London restaurant (which has just opened a branch in Manchester too) may be famous for its mouth-watering steak, but anyone who has eaten there knows to leave room for dessert, or more specifically pastry chef Carla Henrique’s salted caramel chocolates. Henrique was inspired by Rolos when she began making her Tributes (which were originally called Salted Caramel Rolos before the restaurant received a call from a trademark lawyer), and sure, they are like those childhood favourites in conception, but boy are they superior in terms of taste. They are sweet but not too cloying and the proportion of (very fine) chocolate to caramel to salt is perfection. (They have more chocolate than you usually get with a salted caramel, which it turns out is a good thing). They are, in a word, delectable, so it is good news that the restaurant, which has branches in Knightsbridge, Piccadilly, Spitalfields, Guildhall and Covent Garden (as well as Manchester), is now selling the Tributes boxed up and ready to be taken away. A box costs £10 and contains eight generous sized chocs, and we can’t think of a better treat to have on hand at home, or, if you can bear it, to give away as a present (you can’t get them online or anywhere except the restaurants, so they still have a bit of hard-to-come-by factor about them). You can buy the salted caramel flavours in any of the restaurants, but if you are near the Knightsbridge branch, it also sells Tributes in Bourbon & Pecan and Passion Fruit flavours.



Hawksmoor's Tributes chocolates now available to buy in a box to take away.
Salted Caramel Tributes: Available at all Hawksmoor Restaurants - Seven Dials, Spitalfields, Guildhall, Air Street and Knightsbridge. Knightsbridge Hawksmoor also sells Bourbon & Pecan and Passion Fruit flavours.
£10 for a box of 8 chocolates
— Daisy
4th March 2015