A Girl and her Greens by April Bloomfield

We loved April Bloomfield’s first book, A Girl and her Pig, but the warmer the weather gets, the less meat we eat, so we’re thrilled that her follow up book focuses on vegetables in all their glory. This isn’t a vegetarian cook book (though vegetarians will love it, and many of the recipes are meat free), but even the recipes that include meat are still really all about the veggies, with just a little bacon, pancetta, or chicken stock adding a note of flavour. What we especially love about Bloomfield’s recipes, aside from the fact that the book is full of lovely things you really want to eat (we’ve made her crushed spring peas with mint every day since getting the book), is the meticulous care she takes writing her recipes. The recipes look long, but that doesn’t mean they involve endless amounts of work. Instead, what Bloomfield does by providing such detailed instructions (exactly how to slice a spring onion or when to chop mint; when to add salt), is to teach you how to be a better cook, both in terms of mastering technique and layering flavour. The book is also lovely to look at, with fabulous photography by David Loftus and illustrations by Sun Young Park.

A Girl and her Greens by April Bloomfield
— Daisy
27th May 2015

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