Pipsticks Stickers

Is there a child on the planet who doesn’t love a sticker? So for a bundle of really good ones – sourced from all over the world – to arrive in the post as if by magic each month: well, it’s a winning combo isn’t it. Pipsticks is a sticker subscription service. You can pay per month, for six months or for a year’s worth of stickers. And then, hey presto, a pack of 15 sheets of stickers, plus a blank postcard and some coloured cards arrive from America (it costs $3 extra for shipping to Europe), at the beginning of each month. Our daughter falls on the distinctive envelope when it arrives, and the stickers last pretty much all month, as there are plenty of them. It’s a simple idea of course and the kind of thing that’s been done endlessly before, but we love Pipsticks because the stickers tend to be old-school. They vary a good deal and suit both boys and girls, but you won’t find Elsa or Dora or Sponge Bob in any of the packs – Pipsticks is a Disney and ‘character’ free zone, which we love. The website also has a good blog section, with lots of craft ideas for using your stickers, but we kind of prefer to let our little ones just get on with it by themselves. 

Pipsticks sticker club
$15, which is about £10 a month
— Daisy
10th June 2015