The Meringue Girls on their favourite foodie start-ups

We love ladies DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES! So many amazing food entrepreneurs lately, finding a niche and running with their idea – we love it!

A few of our faves are Lotta, Pip and Lillie, Chloe, Oonah and Carla.

Eat Chic

We share our bakery with Lotta so get to see and eat her amazing pimped out peanut butter cups every week. Her peanut butter cups are not your average fare.  She uses all types of amazing nut butters inside, slathers on either dark or white chocolate on the outside together with a liberal sprinkling of sea salt.

You can find her stuff in Organico Broadway Market, just around the corner from our bakery, or she has her own website so  you can you buy directly from her and receive your goodies in the post!



Pip & Nut:

Pip is an amazing young entrepreneur making nut butters. Our favourite is her almond and coconut butter. It’s so delicious! We collaborate with Pip all the time. Our favourite thing to make are our coconut flour brownies with lashings of Pip & Nut peanut butter swirled through.

Pip & Nut can be bought in loads of organic and health food shops, and she also runs a ‘toast bar’ events, where you can feast on lashings of nut butter with fresh banana on sourdough. All details on her website.


London Borough of Jam:

Lillie from London Borough of Jam makes the most EPIC flavours of jam and gave us her recipes for both raspberry & liquorice and peach & thyme jams, which we use in our jammie dodgers in our book. Lillie has a love of jam and all things beautiful. She has a gorgeous little shop by Chatsworth Road, which is open on a Sunday.  Get there early to try her jam packed St. John’s doughnuts.


Fatties Bakery:

Fatties is another one to watch out for. Chloe Timms is a sugar WHIZZ and focuses purely on salted caramel and sherbet. Her process is precise, simple and beautiful. She takes the most beautiful and indulgent of ingredients, and transforms them into a hot golden goo set into ingots of chewy gold. She makes everything in small batches in copper pans, and every piece of caramel is hand cut and wrapped. All Fatties products are made in Camberwell, South London, and are stocked in lots of amazing places in London, including General Store, Melrose & Morgan, Daily Goods, and Proper & Sons.


The Marshmallowists:

We had the pleasure of going all the way to Puglia for an Indian wedding with the lovely founder of The Marshmallowists, Oonah. She is incredible at what she does! She has perfected the art of the naturally coloured and flavoured marshmallows using organic whole fruit, essential oils and boutique alcohol to create crazy flavour combinations and the PERFECT texture. We love her! They are stocked in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in both London and Manchester.


Fondant Fox:

Carla from Fondant Fox Cake Design is one to look out for. We are constantly colaborating with her as she is the best cake baker / decorator / designer we know. She designs the most incredible cakes for events, weddings, press parties and birthdays. She has the an immaculate eye,  and we are absolutely in love with her and everything she does. We have a range of cakes available that are Fondant Fox / Meringue Girls creations available to buy online. Fondant Fox Cake design is based in Hackney and will Carla will design, bake and decorate cakes for all your cake needs. Each design is completely bespoke and all of her cakes use the highest quality ingredients.

— Daisy
19th August 2015