Hand made crackers by Beggars’ Velvet

These crackers don’t come cheap, but we think they are totally worth their price tag because they are so special. Made by Beggars’ Velvet (who hand-make all manner of beautiful and useful things), they are singular and extravagant in the best way. We bought a box last year and have already ordered another batch for this Christmas. And you do have to order them, as they are a limited edition, put together to order. Not only are they beautiful to look at on your Christmas table, but they contain unique, small antique gifts which the Beggars’ Velvet elves have spent all year collecting together. This year’s treasures include Roman coins, lead toys, crotal bells, a Victorian thimble, a 1930 lucky sixpence, Georgian gaming die, and even a tiny wooden telephone. Each gift is carefully wrapped with its source printed onto the paper packet. Also inside the cracker is a selection of quotes from ancient texts to Mrs Humphrey’s Book of Manners for Men scrolled in gold paper and sealed with string and wax (these are always really fun to read out loud), a silver paper hat, and of course the all important snap. Each cracker is hand stamped and tied with silk ribbons, tassels and bells. They cost £25 each and come in boxes of 4 (though you can ask for an odd number).

To order your crackers, email Beggars’ Velvet at: queries@beggarsvelvet.london

£25 each. To order, email queries@beggarsvelvet.london
— Daisy
9th December 2015