An Easter Table – Petersham Nurseries style

Two of our (frequently written about) horticultural obsessions are Petersham Nurseries and its wonderful school of garden inspiration. So we headed there recently for a spring planter workshop with Thomas Broom-Hughes and enjoyed it so much that we had to share his tips for creating an Easter table. Needless to say, there is nothing minimal about this very Petersham décor – but many of these plants can be gathered from the garden or bought potted and then added to the garden afterwards so there’s no waste at all.

  1. Focus on a single colour – yellow is traditional for Easter and makes use of so many gorgeous spring flowers including narcissi, primroses and cowslips.
  2. Focus on one material – here zinc pots work really well with a zinc topped table but you can easily trade them for terracotta. Or use simple glasses or jam jars for cut flowers.
  3. Make a table runner with garden-gathered moss (you can buy this at garden centres) or, if you’re eating outside, you could even use rolls of turf.
  4. Create lots of different heights and shapes down the length of the table. Tall narcissi look fabulous with the sun shining through their petals.
  5. Finally weave through some lengths of ivy or other hedgerow foliage – blackthorn blossom is particularly pretty and in season now.

Happy Easter!

An Easter Table - Petersham Nurseries style
— Clare
21st March 2016