We were recently introduced to the all-natural (and vegan) skin care brand Moa by a friend and we’ve been basking in the balms and oils ever since. The hero product is the Green Balm (from £4.99), a rich potion for softening and moisturising dry skin that can either be used on its own or combined with a hot cloth for a serious detoxing cleanse. The blend of yarrow and tea tree oils can also be used for all sorts of other ailments from treating burns and rashes, hydrating chapped lips and to help heal cuts and scrapes – making it a great all round bathroom cabinet must-have. The range also includes a minty Fortifying Green Bath Potion (£27.50) which soothes aching muscles and seems to have a very effective mind-clearing powers too and a really lovely face oil – the Aphrodite oil (£20), which blends rosehip with rose geranium, damask rose and yarrow, is very light but intensely moisturising. And like all the other Moa goodies it smells heavenly too.

Moa Skincare
From £4.99
— Clare
13th April 2016