Good and Proper Tea Bar

We first tasted tea from Good and Proper Tea when we bought a paper cup of it from their camper van parked at Kerb in King’s Cross a few summers ago. We didn’t have high expectations but the brewing of our builder’s tea was timed to the second and this resulted in what is easily the best cup of takeaway tea we’ve ever had. We’re therefore delighted that Emilie Holmes, the tea enthusiast behind Good and Proper Tea has set up a bricks and mortar tea bar in Leather Lane. Almost any kind of tea you can think of is available here, from straightforward black teas such as Assam to white teas like White Peony and herbal teas such as hibiscus and camomile. Attention is paid not just to the amount of tea leaves used but also the water temperature and brew time, as you would expect. Tea taken this seriously can sometimes be quite an ascetic experience, but, joyously, crumpets can be ordered alongside tea here. These are no ordinary crumpets but huge, square affairs with toppings that range from cheese and marmite to homemade “nutella” or lime curd. Our favourite is probably just butter and salt. Either way, we’re immensely grateful that the Good and Proper Tea bar exists – we had hoped to be sipping cocktails in rooftop bars in June, but whilst the weather is so drizzly we’ll certainly be hunkering down with tea and crumpets.


Good and Proper Tea Bar
Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm, Weekends CLOSED (for now)
96A Leather Lane, EC1N 7TX
— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
1st June 2016