The Kitchen Shelf

Chicken cooked in milk with lemon and garlic

Whilst we all love Ottolenghi and those of a similar ilk, sometimes we just haven’t got the time to go shopping for vast quantities of hard-to-find ingredients.  Which is where The Kitchen Shelf comes in.  Written by two food stylists/writers/bloggers Eve O’Sullivan and Rosie Reynolds, the cookery book contains 100 recipes split up into 10 chapters based around a hero ingredient such as coconut milk or a bar of chocolate.  The idea is that you stock up your larder with the basics and then, just before you leave for work in the morning, you can glance at a recipe and see which 2 extra ingredients you need to buy from the shops before you come home.  We tried the flourless chocolate almond cake which has only 5 ingredients and tasted absolutely delicious.  Easy and quick to make, the instructions were straight forward and it really did look like the picture in the book (not always a given, in our experience). We also like the way the way they give you the choice of alternatives too – for example how to quickly change from parmesan scones to spiced ones.  Some of the recipes are little more adventurous but most are everyday ones, that we think we’ll turn to again and again.

— Francesca
29th June 2016