The Palomar Cookbook

Regular readers will know of our avid obsession with The Palomar. The restaurant, which opened in 2014 on the “wrong side” of Shaftsbury Avenue, is one of our favourite places to eat – and we are not alone – it’s been endlessly feted by numerous publications, celebs and foodies. It’s the kind of cooking over which life-long friendships are forged – the sharing dishes, which are set upon as soon as they hit the table, are so unctuous and generous and clearly made with love and passion – it really is food for the soul. So when we heard that there was going to be a cookbook we were drooling with anticipation. All of our favourites are here – the polenta Jerusalem style (this alone could be your last supper), the Fattoush salad (a classic but elevated) and the signature deconstructed kebab Shakshukit. We’ve been cooking from it since it arrived a couple of weeks ago and have loved everything we’ve made – not everything is simple or straight-forward (the squishy Kubaneh bread for example) and we haven’t yet started on pastry chef Yael Vardi’s to die for puddings but the book has already become a staple of our cookbook shelf. It’s brilliant sharing food – if you can bear to that is.


The Palomar Cookbook
— Clare
14th September 2016