Sali Hughes and India Knight’s Radio Show

We pretty much inhale anything the journalists Sali Hughes and India Knight write about (and as it happens, they both have books out this autumn: India’s, about the joy of dogs, is published this week and Sali’s, about iconic beauty products, is to come). But now there is a whole new treat as the pair, who are great friends, have a monthly radio show on Soho Radio. They have excellent guests: David Nicholls, Caitlin Moran, Lucy Mangan, Hugo Rifkind, Janice Turner, Cathy Rentzenbrink and Bryony Gordon to name but a few.

The thing we like best about it, however, is how inclusive it is: we were apprehensive as to how their friendship would play out on radio and that we might feel left out, frankly. There’s no such fear and they’ve covered divorce, mental health, abortion, Brexit and even underwear. All of this is alongside a brilliant playlist: the possibly not very politically correct songs they came up with to accompany their discussion about mental health were particularly inspired. And in fact, the whole of that show where the journalist Bryony Gordon talked eloquently about her own mental health and the group she has set up to help others, was one of our favourites.

In the most recent episode, when India Knight was away, the four journalists taking part realised they had all had abortions – something one of them had not even told her own family. This is chat of the highest order and although we’ve been glued to The Archers – like everyone else – recently, it doesn’t make good background listening. This is different: it lasts two hours, often features songs by En Vogue and whilst we never catch the live broadcast, we’re always delighted when we realise there’s a new episode to catch up on. Highly recommended.

— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
21st September 2016