How To Create an Easter Table

It’s officially spring and we’re eagerly awaiting the Easter holidays. These chic decorations will have your Easter table looking picture-perfect next weekend:

1. Danish Bordfolk Egg Cups

Called Bordfolk (or ‘table people’ in Danish) these egg cup characters would make for a very friendly breakfast table. Lucie Kaas has updated the 60’s and 70’s tradition with these simple designs and great colours.£14.00

2. Papier-mâché Bunnies

These bunnies make a nice place setting, and the hook and ribbon behind means that they can later be hung in a child’s bedroom. £15.00

3. Felicity Jones Wild Flower Garden Porcelain

One for the grown-ups, the Felicity Jones porcelain and white earthenware collection at Petersham Nurseries brings spring right onto the kitchen table. Created using pressed flowers from Petersham’s own wild flower garden including daisies, shepherds purse, clover and cow parsley pressed into clay, the mugs are then handpainted using underglaze colours to create a beautiful watercolour effect, and the rim is finished with gold lustre. If you’re going away this Easter, these would make a lovely house gift. £55.00

4. Meri Meri Plates & Crackers

Meri Meri have all sorts of lovely things for Easter, including a great fill-your-own bunny piñata, Easter cookie cutters and these jolly plates and crackers. 12 plates £5.75 and 6 mini crackers £18.00

5. Easter Trees 

Svenskt Tenn’s arrangement is the chic answer to an ‘Easter tree’. Their decorative glass eggs are €4 each but this is very easy look to replicate at home. Buy a bundle of branches from your local florist – magnolia, forsythia, or blossom work particularly well – and splay the branches wide in a vase or jug. Then buy your eggs to decorate the tree or make your own by painting egg shells as follows:

  1. Blow a raw egg using a needle to make a small hole in the top. Turn the egg upside down and make a slightly larger hole in the bottom and break the yolk by placing the needle inside. Then gently but firmly blow into the smaller hole to remove the innards and rinse the shell in water and vinegar.
  2. Once it’s dry you can paint the eggshell with poster paints, felt pens or pastels and leave to dry.
  3. Attach your eggs to the tree with a ribbon glued carefully around the egg.

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— Daisy Allsup
20th March 2018