Tommy Clarke, aerial photographer

Growing up on the South Coast, Tommy Clarke’s fascination with shorelines led him to lean out of an aircraft above Bondi Beach to capture the floating surfboards from the sky. Building a reputation for aerial photography, intrepid shoots followed snapping everything from the jaunty parasols of St Tropez to the epic salt lakes of Utah and San Francisco.

Whilst he might be known for hanging out of helicopters, it’s Brixton that Tommy calls home. With a gallery and studio space in nearby Clapham, he spends his weekends at the pub with his mates in front of the Six Nations and venturing out on his motorbike. Here’s his Insider London:

1. You travel a lot for work. What’s the first thing you do when you get back to London?
Swing by my studio in Clapham to see my team. Seeing friends is a priority, travelling makes me appreciate having most of them in one place when I’m home!

2. Your subject matter tends to involve exotic destinations. Have you ever shot over London?
I have but it’s a tricky colour palette to work with, lots of browns and greys. London’s better at street level.

2. Favourite restaurant?
Chotto Matte – order the octopus, trust me.

4. What’s on your playlist at the moment?
Chris Stapleton.

5. Describe your perfect London weekend?
Saturday morning row, followed by brunch and then watching an England rugby match in the the pub with friends. Sunday spent riding out on my Triumph motorbike wherever it takes me.

Tommy Clarke’s first book Up In The Air is out on 25 April 2018. £25

— Daisy Allsup
22nd March 2018