Léoube Rosé Jelly with Summer Berries Recipe

After 40 years running Daylesford Organic, Carole Bamford shares her story in a new book, Nurture that’s an ode to sustainable farming and holistic health as well as a recipe book. Recreate the sort of wholesome and seasonal food you find at Daylesford’s farmshops at home, from colourful salads and hearty stews to special puddings like this Léoube rosé jelly:

Léoube rosé jelly with summer berries

I am extremely fond of jellies. I love their shapes, which make me feel like a child again, but jellies are also full of flavour and should definitely not be confined to children’s birthday parties. I serve jelly with a few options; something that pleases everyone, such as cream or ice cream, but I also like to serve it with something that enhances the main flavour – a mango sorbet or granita with a mango jelly, or a berry ice cream with a berry jelly.

1 litre Rosé de Léoube, or other dry rosé wine
275g caster sugar
3 sprigs of mint, plus extra to decorate
2 star anise
4 slices of lemon
10 gelatine leaves
200g raspberries
200g loganberries
200g bayberries

Line a 1 litre loaf tin, or similar size mould, with cling lm with some overlapping the sides – this will help when turning the set jelly out.In a small pan, gently heat the wine with the sugar, mint sprigs, star anise and lemon slices. Stir to dissolve the sugar and allow to infuse for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile soak the gelatine leaves in a small bowl of cold water. Strain the wine through a sieve and add the softened gelatine leaves to the wine, squeezing outany excess water rst. Stir to dissolve.

Pour a centimetre of jelly into the lined mould and place in the fridge to set. Once set, add the berries in layers and then pour over the remaining wine mixture. Carefully return to the fridge and leave to set for atleast 4–6 hours.

To serve, unmould the jelly onto a serving dish and decorate with mint sprigs.

Carole Bamford Nurture: Notes and recipes from Daylesford Farm is out 3 May 2018.

— Daisy Allsup
1st May 2018