Summer Holiday Games

Step away from the iPad with these fun games for all ages that can all be taken with you wherever you’re off to this summer:

Obama Llama

From the makers’ of Linkee, this is a game of rhyming charades. There’s Tom Cruise in platform shoes, Angelina Jolie eating ravioli and Barack Obama riding a llama. Your team have to guess as many as you can in 30 seconds. £19.99

What Should I Do With My Life?

The School of Life have a whole range of ‘games’ that ask the pertinent questions in life.  Some aren’t really games at all but more prompts towards interesting conversations – like their latest Pillow Talk cards for example. Stay or Leave is all about deciding whether your relationship has a future and 100 Questions is a way to get to know someone better. This is a fun top trumps style game but it’s also a good way to get to know the myriad of career options out there. £14.50

Wooden Memory Game

For tinies, this sweet memory game made by Copenhagen lifestyle brand, Liewood comes in a small wooden box that can be carried on any family holiday or out for a meal. £33


For any fans of Boggle, this is an even better game for travelling as no pencils, pens or paper are needed. Quickly use your counters to make a grid of words to become the top banana. £14.99,


Strictly for grown-up’s this hilarious improvisation game is made for long summer dinners. Call upon your acting skills and interview for various jobs with the absurd qualifications found on your cards. For example you’ll be interviewing for the role of Motivational Speaker with skills like passive aggressive or loose morals and need to talk your way into winning the job. £21.99


The classic. Cries of UNO are synonymous with summer holidays. For 2-10 players, take a pack of cards to restaurants to keep everyone happy – the game is easy and works especially well for mixed age groups as anyone can play. £6.99

Trivial Pursuit

We all love Trivial Pursuit, and this Family Edition is ideal for playing together in the holidays – older children can graduate to the grown up cards. It’s especially good for a big group as you can get into teams. £29.99

Printworks Ludo

Printworks coffee-table collection of games come in smart boxes that are small enough to pop in your suitcase. The range includes chess, ludo, backgammon and dominoes. £32

Backgammon Roll

Backgammon is a firm favourite, and just the thing to play in the evening on holiday with a drink. This set can be rolled up and taken anywhere. £49

— Daisy Allsup
18th July 2018

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