London’s Top Fitness Classes

Swanky gyms are popping up everywhere, but which really give you the best work out? As someone who’s tried and tested hundreds of classes, we asked personal trainer, Lottie Derry-Evans to share her expert guide to London’s top workouts:

1. Best for Body Specific Workouts – Barry’s Bootcamp

Where: Victoria, Queensway, Euston, Shoreditch

Dubbed ‘the best workout in the world’ Barry’s has become an iconic gym class for the fittest and healthiest people. A celeb favourite – fans include Harry Styles and the Beckhams – the classes are a little intimidating at first. But it’s so worth it, you’ll be pushed beyond your limits and there’s something addictive about the energy boost the classes give you. Every day of the week focuses on a different body part – you spend half the class sprinting on the treadmill, and the other lifting weights on the floor. Prepare to work up a serious sweat. The new Victoria studio at Eccleston Yards (above) is very cool.

2. Best for hot yoga – HOTPOD

Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

Where: Nottinghill, Brixton, Hackney, Wimbledon, across the UK.

Hotpods are popping up all over the country with four in London. Their latest Wimbledon Studio opened earlier this week. Each inflatable pod is heated to a snug 37 degrees, a comfortable environment for you participate in a dynamic flow of postures that warms the muscles, enhances flexibility and relaxes the mind all to a playlist of uplifting beats. The head massage during Savasana at the end makes all the sweating worthwhile.

3. Best for Pilates – Heartcore

Where: Chelsea, Notting Hill, Fulham, Hamstead, Kensington, City, St Johns Wood

An amazing workout which focusses on core strength and toning the body. Expect to shake as you work muscles you didn’t even know you had. Each session is 55 minutes and caters to all levels – it’s really not an intimidating experience at all so if you’ve ever considered trying barre, kettle bells and TRX this is the place to do it. The light and airy studios whisk you to the beach in Tulum which is excellent motivation.

4. Best for TRX – Core Collective

Where: Kensington

Set in this sleek, Kensington studio Core Collective’s TRX class, otherwise known as Resistance, is a 45-minute full body workout where each instructor brings their own personal flair to the session. Be prepared to be well and truly put through your paces but guaranteed you will build both your strength and stamina.

5. Best for boxing – KOBOX

Where: Chelsea and Liverpool Street

Part-bag work, part strength training it’s the best boxing class for Londoners who want to strip fat and get strong. The loud music and neon lights will mean you quickly feel like your part of Fight Club and be sweating (and swearing) like a professional!

6. Best for Spin – Psycle

Where: Shoreditch, Mortimer Street, Canary Wharf

Psycle’s three studios focus on not just giving the body a challenging and refreshing workout but also the mind like its name suggests. The 45-minute classes are high intensity and low-impact, carefully choreographed to amazing music to leave you feeling high on life and coming back for more. No wonder it’s said to be addictive. Pyscle also offer stength, barre and yoga in their Shoreditch studio.

Written for A Little Bird by Lottie Derry-Evans, personal trainer and founder of Lottie’s Fitness based in Victoria, London. Book a personal training session or free consultation:

— Daisy Allsup
8th August 2018