New Podcasts We Love

We’ve always got an ear open for a great new podcast to plug in to. These are five of our favourites right now:

Simple Pleasures with Yotam Ottolenghi

This new podcast is perfect easy-listening for pottering about the kitchen. Produced alongside his latest cookbook, Simple, each episode sees Ottolenghi cooking a recipe from the new book whilst chatting to a guest – so far we’ve had Nadiya Hussain and Nigella Lawson. Not ground-breaking but very comforting.

Vogue’s podcast, Appearances with Steve McQueen

Editor Edward Enniful’s first cover star Adwoa Aboah again opened the runnings as the first guest on Vogue’s new podcast, Appearances that launched this August. Hosted by award-winning director Steve McQueen the slick 45-minute episodes explore body image and the role that appearance plays in our lives. It’s an interesting topic – Aboah opens up about falling in love, Gwendoline Christie talks about being tall and Daniel Kaluuya considers the meaning of success. Out every Monday, we’re looking forward to more.

Caliphate from the New York Times

Journalist Rukmini Callimachi is the New York Times’ terrorism correspondent and an expert on ISIS. In this deeply disturbing yet gripping ten-part podcast she shares the story of the organisation as they sought to expand their ‘caliphate’ territory in Iraq and Syria. Along the way she speaks to the young Yazidi women targeted for systematic rape, discovers vital papers in the former ISIS heartland of Mosul and meets a Canadian-born former jihadi.

Serial Season 3 from This American Life 

Serial is perhaps the reason that so many of us got into podcasts. We listened obsessively to season one’s murder in Baltimore and the succeeding season two about a soldier’s desertion. Instead of focussing on just one case, this third series will feature a different story each week, all from inside the courts of Cleveland, Ohio. Whereas a case like Adnan Syed’s might have been deemed ‘extraordinary’ from a legal point of view, these new weekly cases are ‘ordinary’, painting a picture of the American criminal justice system in a wider sense. A short teaser trailer is out now, but the series officially lands on 20 September, with a new episode released each Thursday.

Modern Love from The New York Times

The cult New York Times column Modern Love was turned into a podcast back in 2016. Whilst this isn’t strictly a new podcast, it remains consistently appealing – and having just discovered it this summer the back catalogue of over 100 episodes is like diving into a treasure trove. Stars from Greta Gerwig to Jake Gyllenhaal read out stories of human relationships and love in all forms.

— Daisy Allsup
12th September 2018