Sarah Clark from Little Spree

Sarah Clark is the writer behind the hugely successful blog, Little Spree.  Fashion Stylist and mother of twins ‘Tabarlow’ (ie Tabitha and Marlow), Clark started the blog in 2011 as an online resource for busy, fashion savvy mothers: ‘an insider’s guide to dressing your kids (and later mothers in Mama Spree) in a beautiful and stylish way without maxing your credit card’.  Here she tells us her favourite things about living in London.

What’s your favourite part about living in Richmond?

That it’s technically still London, but you also have all the beautiful green open spaces, normally only found in the countryside. Plus I love being so close to such a pretty part of the river Thames – I find it very calming.

What are your top lunch/brunch/coffee spots?

Well, Petersham Nurseries is obviously ‘up there’, plus it’s the closest to our house (a five minute walk). I love to get there just as it opens, to meet a friend for a cup of tea, a mooch around, then a slice of cake (in lieu of breakfast!) I also love the little hippyish cafe in Terrace Gardens, Hollyhock Cafe – it has a great view of the river, and the gardens is a great place for kids to play. I also like the Richmond Hill Bakery on Richmond Hill for tea and croissants. And one of our favourite places to go with the kids is Pizzeria Rustica – simple, rustic (as the name suggests) and the BEST pizza!

Which websites do you look at most often?

Probably Matches, M&S, BBC News… Not necessarily in that order!

Can you recommend something to do with children in London that is off the beaten track?

There is a little ‘ferry’ that crosses the river between Ham House and Marble Hill Park, close to where we live. The kids love it! So you can combine a river walk along the tow path from Richmond (stopping off at Peterhsam Nurseries en route?) with a visit to Ham House; then there is a great old-fashioned kids’ playground at Marble Hill. It’s a fun, little adventure.

Which is your favourite fashion boutique?

Iris. I love their mix of designers (they stock most of my favourites, as well as their own lovely label, By Iris); their price points, their staff and customer service. It’s a ‘proper’ boutique (there are so few these days). I pop into the Chiswick store (my local, and my favourite) every chance I get, just to have a little look and to say hello.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Can I have two? Be true to yourself. And always follow your instincts.

What advice would you give to somebody setting up their own website/blog?

Make sure it’s something you feel passionate about, and don’t just be motivated by the money – you need to love it first and foremost. And be patient!

Where do you go to escape in London?

We actually don’t feel the need to ‘escape’ that much, as we are so lucky to have the best of both worlds where we are. However, we do escape to Northern Tuscany every Summer though, for a proper family ‘re-boot’.

— Francesca
24th September 2018