The Light Salon LED Facial

Not even six weeks since the summer holidays and it seems that everyone’s come down with a cold no doubt brought on by by the onset of darker evenings. For our skin, the suntans have long-since faded and our complexions are suffering from the change in season and return to work; colder air, central heating and pollution takes its toll. In the first in our ongoing series on London’s best facials, Annie Reid recommends The Light Salon at Hershesons in Berners Street:

70-Minute Lift Light and Glow Treatment 

The Light Salon is known for its facials that penetrate deep into the skin’s cells with yellow and near-infrared or red LED to boost and brighten the skin. LED light therapy has been used in hospitals for years to treat burns, scars and other skin conditions, and it delivers energy directly into the cells to boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Natural and non-invasive The Light Salon is a Cowshed partner so you can find their facials at their lovely spas as well as at Harvey Nichols and Hershesons in Berners Street where I went for my treatment.

In need of a post-summer boost I opted for the Lift, Light and Glow facial that claims to ‘refresh tired complexions and rescue skin problems as well as strengthening hair.’ The treatment involves an LED session (not uncomfortable) as well as a series of masks and a face, head and neck massage. If you’re strapped for time you can get your fix in just 20-minutes with the Express Facial, also useful as a top-up treatment. The full Lift, Light and Glow is 70-minutes after which my skin looked brighter straight away. But really this is a treatment that keeps on giving – by the second day I definitely had fewer fine lines and by day three I had got back to my summer holiday glow. Rosé anyone?

The Light Salon
Hershesons 29 Berners Street, W1T 3LR
£35 for 20-minute express facial, £125 for 70-minute Lift, Light and Glow
— Annie Reid
10th October 2018