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Jennifer Grant, founder of Romeo + Jules Stationery

Have you written your Christmas cards yet? For Jennifer Grant, bespoke stationer, production has been in full swing for months. Responsible for every single design for her newly-launched bespoke stationery company Romeo + Jules, Jennifer is kept busy dreaming up the most beautiful handmade invitations, notecards, letterheads and more. Here we catch up with the former British Vogue Art Director about life running her new stationery label:

Where’s home?

We live in Notting Hill which is an area of the world I find so inspiring. From the candy coloured houses to the hand painted signs along Portobello, the area is full of variety.

Why the decision to set up Romeo + Jules?

The impetus behind the launch of Romeo + Jules was two fold: first and foremost to give me a creative outlet in the time frames I needed with two young children. And secondly, to disarm the concept that stationery needs to be formal. I love the idea of sending a card that bears a sweet (or cheeky!) phrase to bring a smile to the receiver’s face.

Can you explain the name?

Named to evoke emotions, in a modern sense, R+J’s design aesthetic revolves around a sense of whimsy blended with strength for stationery that leaves a lasting impression. And similar to the art of dressing, the stationery aims to present the writer in an equally fashionable approach. After all, life is too short for bad stationery!

Credit: Helene Sandberg

Who actually designs your cards and how does the process work?

All of the designs are created by yours truly at the moment, but as R+J is growing, so to is my need for some help. While each commission is utterly unique, the design process is quite similar in that inspiration is sparked by the individual themselves. From a love of colour or an event’s venue for example, each element plays a part of the design process. At the moment, I’m creating a unique invitation for a client’s fortieth in which we are celebrating the water elements surrounding the party venue by using a variety of blue papers, cut in interesting ways.

What’s your favourite thing to receive in the post?

I pretty much revert to a small child each time I get the post, or better yet, when my lovely postman arrives at the door with a special delivery. Any coloured envelope will grab my attention the quickest, especially those envelopes that include a special design.

What your favourite place for an evening out?

London has so many fantastic restaurants, however I’m quite loyal to the tried and tested. A pre-dinner beverage at my little wine bar with a lot of soul, Negozio Classica, followed by Thai at the Churchill Arms is a perfect winter’s night for me!

Are you doing any stationery for Christmas? 

Bespoke Christmas commissions are already in full swing. So much so that my head is fully immersed in the spirit and I wished someone a lovely Christmas the other day. I do have some final spaces available for a few last Christmas commissions! (enquire here)

Favourite festive thing to do in London?

London turns into such a magical place at Christmas, and this year we’ll be taking our little ones ice skating for the first time at the Natural History Museum. Fingers crossed it goes well and becomes our new tradition.

What are your thoughts on social media?

I have to admit, I have a love/hate affair with social media. It can be such a wonderful tool and a fantastic sense of escapism but I do feel like I need a break from it as well from time to time. A short walk for fresh air or digging through a stack of old magazines can be equally cathartic for me.

What’s in the pipeline for Romeo + Jules?

There’s lots to come from R+J in the coming months, specifically a very exciting evening with Jonathan Adler and Front Row Florist on 20 November where we’ll be celebrating all things entertaining in an event we are calling Make your Table Talk.  Get your tickets by emailing

Jennifer Grant, founder of Romeo & Jules Stationery
— Daisy Allsup
7th November 2018