Polar Post

Rowena Scott Campbell @grainandfeather

Christmas letters sent straight from Father Christmas himself. It’s a magical idea and one that is beautifully carried out by the company Polar Post (aka Charlotte Wood and Geoffrey the Elf). Little ones can write their own Christmas list, tuck it beside their bed only to find a magical letter has arrived in the morning. The personalised and sealed envelope bearing the Christmas coat of arms and stamped with a Magic Hedgerow stamp opens to reveal a letter with all the news from the North Pole with details of each child weaved in (siblings can even receive different stories).

Also on the site is a brilliant selection of stocking fillers, books and decorations.  And don’t forget to order your letter now – the last date for UK orders is 10 December but bear in mind that each letter takes 12 days to turn around.


Polar Post
— Daisy Allsup
7th November 2018