A Little Bird Book Club

It’s a new year, and rather than a whole heap of resolutions we’re starting just one new shiny thing: A Little Bird Book Club. Each month we’ll choose a new title and we hope you’ll read along with us before we review it four weeks later. The Club will be led by journalist and long-term A Little Bird contributor Alex Peake-Tomkinson, (you can read her book reviews and author interviews for The Economist, The Spectator, Toast, The Times Literary Supplement and many more here). We’ll have copies of each title to give away, and we do hope you’ll engage with us and leave your own thoughts and comments beneath our review posts every month.

January Book Club: Educated by Tara Westover

On the highway below, the school bus rolls past without stopping. I am only seven, but I understand that it is this fact, more than any other, that makes my family different: we do not go to school.

Memoir is having a moment and we’re delighted that the first book in our Club will be Tara Westover’s Educated. Born into a survivalist family in a Mormon pocket of Idaho, Tara Westover didn’t set foot in a classroom until she was 17, before going on to study at Harvard and Cambridge. Charting her incredible story about identity, belonging and what an education really offers, the book has topped bestseller lists for months on end and has been lauded by critics, as well as loved by Barack Obama who called Westover personally to tell her he’d put her book on his Summer Reading list in 2018. We loved Elizabeth Day’s interview with the author that you can find on her podcast How To Fail.

We’ll be reviewing the book in our newsletter on Thursday 7 February. Please read with us so that you can add to the conversation, or enter our competition to win a copy here:



A Little Bird Book Club
January 2019
— A Little Bird
9th January 2019