Letters from the Easter Bunny

The Polar Post seems to add an extra sprinkling of magic to our favourite children’s traditions. The company, founded by Charlotte Wood, sends out thousands of letters from Father Christmas every December. New this spring is their Letter from the Easter Bunny service. Scribed by bunnies at the Burrow and stamped with Easter seals, leave the letters out just before the egg hunt gets under way on Easter Sunday. Addresses do not have to be literal, as shown here; ‘The Primrose Children, Daffadowndilly Cottage, Leaping Lamb Lane’ and ‘Master Magnus Thornbird, The Spring Chick, Sitting-in-his-Nest’. Let your imagination run free, and receive a personally addressed letter with a message from the Easter Bunny all about his adventures hopping about and leaving a trail of Easter eggs. The last day for UK orders is this Sunday, 14th April.

Letters from the Easter Bunny
Order by Sunday 14 April 2019
— Daisy Allsup
10th April 2019

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