Tradescantia 2018 Oil on board

Kate Corbett-Winder’s Garden Paintings

Kate Corbett-Winder was a writer at Vogue when a move to the Welsh borders inspired a rather different career path.  She continued writing about interiors and gardens (her books include More Dash than Cash and she was a regular contributor to House and Garden and World of Interiors) but soon, she began to divide her time solely between the garden and a painting studio. ‘Painting and gardening fight for my time’ Corbett-Winder admits, ‘I start feeling twitchy if I don’t paint yet if I’m finding it testing, I’ll go and weed for a bit. It’s as if my garden is my palette.’

Inspiration from her garden is much in evidence in the paintings exhibited in her third solo show opening this month (her horticultural talents have also clearly influenced her daughter, Willow Crossley, a successful florist and author). Titled Garden Paintings, Corbett-Winder’s exhibition is curated by Jonathan Clark Fine Art and is being shown at Green & Stone Gallery from 9th – 21st May. There are vivid poppies, hydrangeas and coral camellias. It’s a riot of colour and nature that we highly recommend.

Comos, 2018

Meconopsis, 2018

Kate Corbett-Winder Garden Paintings
9- 21 May 2019
Green & Stone Gallery, 251 - 253 Fulham Road, SW3 6HY
From £1,000
— Francesca
7th May 2019