Annee de Mamiel, founder of de Mamiel beauty

Aromatherapist, Holistic Facialist and expert in Chinese medicine, Annee de Mamiel is the woman behind some of our very favourite beauty products. A leading authority on natural skincare and wellbeing – so popular that clients have been known to wait years to get an appointment at her clinic – she created de Mamiel so that a wider audience could benefit from her products, giving people the tools to deal with the impact of stress on the skin. Here we asked some of our burning questions:

What are the biggest challenges to modern skincare? (pollution? screens?) 

I think the biggest challenge is sorting through the nonsense and listening to what you need and not what people are telling you they need, there is so much chatter and people sharing what works for them, pausing and understanding how stress and daily life are playing out on our skin and understanding what we need individually, would make a big difference.

How can stress affect our complexion? 

Long term stress plays a big role in the condition of our skin – there are 4 metabolic pathways in which we respond to the cascade of stress hormones in our bodies each playing out in a different way. Until we work on that root problem the effects on our skin will always be there – what we see are things like dehydration and dryness that never seems to be quenched, inflammation and redness that sits under the skin, increased sebum levels, acne and premature skin ageing with glycation.

What can we do about the two above issues?

I love teaching my patients to multitask – which is why I created the range to perform in the way that it does. Breathe, Pause, Reset is the best way to begin your skincare routine, through engaging the parasympathetic nervous system with the breathe we begin to slow everything down and help with stress. Followed by a skin ritual brings results not only on the surface of the skin but the way we are feeling and looking.

How important is it to have a skincare routine?

A routine brings sustained results as you can feed the skin and have a better understanding of what makes a difference. You increase your understanding of where you are holding tension in the muscles and releasing that tension with facial massage.

How can we take care of our skin in summer? 

Hydration and protection are the key! In order for the skin to thrive we need to balance water and oil hydration – oil in the summer is sometimes difficult to grasp but a well balanced lighter oil really helps. I often see people avoiding oils in the summer, thinking they are too heavy – accentuating the humidity. In actual fact, after a deep cleanse to remove the sticky excess, a light, tailored oil is a much-needed tonic. I created the Summer Facial Oil as an up-lifting blend to nourish and protect our skin, balance our emotions and help sustain that sunny spirit so we can enjoy long days and the joy and celebration this season evokes.

What made you decide to produce seasonal facial oils, and what makes de Mamiel’s oil different?

The Seasonal Facial Oils were one of the first products I developed, our skin has differing needs as we go through the year. We eat different foods and wear different clothes in the summer so it seemed obvious to me that we need to adjust our skincare for each new season. A facial oil is key stone to replenishing the skin and repairing damage.

As an aromatherapist could you share some of your own favourite aromas/essential oils?

I think this changes with where I am in life and what I need  – at the moment I am loving Palo Santo, Persian Rose and Balsamic pine.

Where are you off to on holiday this year?

We are hoping to mix a bit of time off with work in The Hamptons. We lived in NY for a while and so an affinity with that part of the world – with some sailing and surfing and catching up with friends.

Which 3 items do you never travel without?

Altitude oil, Crystal necklace, Cashmere blanket

Where’s home?

Harpenden in Hertfordshire – I love the openness and that it is surrounded by fields and green. Our office is on a farm so we have a short commute and look out on chickens running around!

Quickfire Round: 

Mint tea or Builders? Builders

Lipstick or lip balm? Lipbalm

Cinema or Theatre? Theatre

Bubble bath or hot shower? Hot Shower

Paperback or Kindle? Paperback

You can find De Mamiel products online, or at selected stockists in London including Fortnum’s, Space NK, Josh Wood Colour etc. 

Annee de Mamiel, founder of de Mamiel beauty
— Daisy Allsup
13th June 2019