The perfect bottled Negroni

We like an excellent cocktail but tend to be fusspots about it. (We know someone who has gone a step further and even carries a card in her wallet with the exact proportions for a Sidecar, as she was fed up of bartenders making it incorrectly). The founders of Scarpetta, a trio of relaxed Italian restaurants, obviously felt the same as they have developed perfectly blended bottled Negronis. They have said “We decided to make our bottled Negroni because we saw too many times bartenders in a hurry messing up the proportions.” Their elegant one litre bottles contain enough for ten Negronis and are ready to be simply poured over ice. They would be a lovely house-warming present or something to have on standby in one’s own home for whenever the occasion demands an instant, perfect cocktail. Pick one up at their restaurants in the City, or by emailing

The perfect bottled Negroni
Scarpetta restaurants at Canary Wharf, Bishopsgate and Cannon Street
— Alex Peake-Tomkinson
19th June 2019