Going-to-stay Gifts

If you’re off to stay with friends this summer, do better than grabbing a bottle of wine or box of chocolates en route. Here are 9 lovely and original things to take for the hostess:

Love-in-a-mist Paperweight from Jam Jar Edit

Jam Jar Edit officially launched last month – you can now find all sorts of things online that would make great house presents from rose globes to flower presses and ceramics. We particularly love these perspex paperweights that are handmade in South Wales and filled with either a dandelion (for blowing wishes) or a nigella (or love-in-a-mist). £30 small and £40 large at Jam Jar Edit.

Gluggle Jugs

Pour a glass of water and listen for the gurgling glug-glug-glug. These jugs never fail to raise a smile – no matter what the age of the recipient. We love the green tones, £34 at Graham & Green

15-minute Hourglass

15 minutes of mindfulness? 15 minutes of playtime? 15 minutes of thinking about something before making a decision? 15 minutes to write a letter? 15 minutes of not looking at your phone when you wake up in the morning? Not only a beautiful object, this hourglass is useful too. £16 at Hay

Somerset Shrubs

The latest creation from the Temperley farm down in Somerset, SHRUBS can be used in cocktails instead of a spirit. Made with cider vinegar, pure honey, pressed raspberries and blackcurrants – add it to tonic to make a summer spritz. A great gift for anyone pregnant or off-booze. £12.50 at Somerset Cider Brandy

The Pig’s coffee table book

We raved about The Pig’s new book last week, and we think it would make a great present too. Full of recipes that lead with seasonal ingredients, plus plenty more besides from interiors to gardening. Currently £18.86 (RRP £30) at amazon.co.uk

Anouk Kramer Bamboo Cups

Designed by ceramic artist Anouk Kramer, these are far superior to your average plastic cups. Take them somewhere where you know you’ll be eating outside or going for picnics – the plates are zippy too. £5.50 each at RA Shop.

Fresh summer fruit at Farmdrop

Cherries, gooseberries, redcurrants, flat peaches, apricots. Arrive with a whole basket of summer fruit or just a couple of punnets of delicious cherries from Baretilt Farm in Kent. £6.45 at Farmdrop

Pretty placemats at Cutter Brooks

A new stock of sisal placemats has just landed so pick your colour – bright pink, indigo and white, yellow, natural and this forest green and white. A pair would make a very nice present, £25 each at Cutter Brooks

Jam, Chutney and Marmalade Spoons 

No butter knives in the jam. These ethically-sourced bone spoons are etched in London with the words Marmalade, Jam and Chutney, £25 at Badgers Velvet.

— Daisy Allsup
7th August 2019