Win a copy of The Truants by Kate Weinberg

You know those summer books which draw you in immediately and unyieldingly into their world? That bury you into the characters so nose-deep that when you’re finished, they leave you yearning for the intimate world you’ve just left. Well, The Truants, a debut novel by Kate Weinberg (published last week) is exactly one of these.  It took Weinberg 7 years to write The Truants but it doesn’t feel like a debut novel at all.  The characters, as Jojo Moyes puts it ‘leap off the page’ and the plot is absolutely page turning. Following a girl called Jess who goes up to university in East Anglia and reinvents herself as a rebel, she falls in with a cool best friend, her handsome boyfriend, her own boyfriend and a charismatic, mysterious tutor. The book makes many references to the mysteries of Agatha Christie which, with it’s sense of machiavellian menace, it is remarkably similar too as well as Donna Tartt’s The Secret History.

We couldn’t put it down and if you think you’ll love it too, then enter our prize draw to win one of three copies that we have to give away.

Win a copy of The Truants by Kate Weinberg
Prize draw finishes 5pm 29 August 2019
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— Francesca
14th August 2019