Chocolate Tasting at Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Gardens’ chocolate tasting events for children always sell out in a flash. Chocoholics rejoice as this October they are introducing their first evening event for grown up’s. Run in association with Cocoa Runners – the experts in craft chocolate – you can try a dozen single origin chocolates and learn how to spot the difference between mass-produced chocolate and the real thing. Chelsea Physic Garden has historic links to chocolate, with historic benefactor Sir Hans Sloane bringing cocoa to the UK after a journey to Jamaica in 1687. In an attempt to make the bitter drink more palatable he added it to warm milk and sugar – inventing the hot chocolate and the plant, Theobroma cacao is still grown in the gardens today. Join the tasting evening as part of Chocolate Week, there’s a supper 6-7pm followed by chocolate tasting afterwards. Do book ahead – tickets to supper £50, or just the chocolate tasting with wine £25.
Chocolate Tasting at Chelsea Physic Garden
15 October 2019, 6-9pm
Chelsea Physic Garden 66 Royal Hospital Road, SW3 4HS
— Daisy Allsup
11th September 2019